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Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar

By October 1, 2011

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A very intriguing torn and restored effect, Shawn Farquhar's excellent "Torn 2 Pieces" offers a strong routine where a photograph is ripped and then brought back together. However, in an amazing twist, the full-fledged photo is a mis-made, mis-construed jumble. It's a stunning effect that has wide application for many themes and presentations. Farquhar says that he uses this as a closer to an evening of magic with clients.

In the routine, you bring out a photograph, ask a spectator to sign one corner and then tear it into four pieces. In the end, you join together the four pieces into a complete photo, however, you've restored them in the wrong order. As proof that you have not switched the pieces, the mis-made photo still bears the spectator's initials. Another plus, you can give the mis-made photo to spectators as a souvenir. They can examine it and will find nothing.

The kit comes with a sample photo so you can view the final setup and product, and an accompanying DVD offers solid instructions as well as templates for use with PhotoShop and a freeware image-editing program. The powerful templates make simple work of adapting your own images for the effect as they effectively automate the process. Once you alter your photos, you can either print pictures on your computer's printer, or take the images to be printed out at a digital photo center. Beyond the basic effect, Farquhar presents some great thematic ideas that can further employ the method.

This is a fantastic effect that magicians can use to tell stories, make a point and use to entertain. I really like it, and Shawn Farquhar has got me inspired and thinking. I won't be surprised if I find myself presenting this effect in the near future.

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October 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm
(1) Levantino says:

Nice to see that someone has finally realised you can tear and restore anything that is tearable.

Go edgy – tear up birthday cards and wedding invitations, utility bills, currency, bank cards, and cheques.

Scare the pants off them and deflate their ego – use ‘framed’ diplomas (MBA’s work really great), and so forth (good scanner required). DONT use originals!

One of the best ‘torn and resored’ has got to be Alex Elmsley’s ‘Torn and restored newspaper’ – recorded as part of the Tahoe sessions (#4) after he retired. Utterly brilliant.

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