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The No Way Bottle Production

By September 10, 2011

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If you've studied magic for awhile, you have undoubtedly seen bottle productions where a performer produces a real bottle of wine from seemingly nowhere. Whether you subscribe to the methods of Michael Ammar, Bob Read, Tom Stone and more, the holdout is pretty much the same and you have to be wearing a jacket. This is where Iņaki Zabaletta's "No Way Bottle Production" differs. Zabaletta performs his bottle production without a jacket to spectacular effect.

In the effect, you can perform without wearing a jacket, and you're nowhere near tables, chairs or cases. You're clearly standing alone. The routine is a fast one. You bring out and show a red handkerchief and then a white one (not provided), and then pull a wine bottle out from under the handkerchiefs.

Zabaletta has adapted the classic bottle production so it may be performed without a jacket. The kit comes with a small holdout device that is attached to your clothing and streamlines the handling. There's also a simple modification to your shirt that's needed that involves some simple sewing. (You do have to wear a button-down dress shirt.) I know nothing about sewing and as long as I can scare up a needle and thread, I know that I have all the sewing "skills" that I need to support the modification of my shirt.

No Jacket Required
In the performance videos, Zabaletta is wearing no jacket and amazingly, he's secretly carrying the bottle. Zabaletta is thin and I think that this lends greatly to his ability to carry the bottle. Also, another factor that helps is that he's wearing black.

I'm currently not on the overweight side and I concluded that I can use Zabaletta's method to carry and conceal the bottle. While wearing an un-tucked dress shirt, I found that the bulge (bottle) was not noticeable, that is, unless one was specifically looking for it. Bottom line, I'm confident that I can make this work. However, if one is carrying extra weight, I think that this can potentially cause problems with the load and production.

Undoubtedly, Iņaki Zabaletta has come up with a stunning production where a bottle seems to come from nowhere. Overall, I think the bottle production sans jacket plays stronger than one with a jacket. The surprise factor is much the same, but the jacketless approach probably holds up better in spectators' minds as they mull what they've seen and ask "where could that bottle have been?"

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