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Review of Behavior Patterns

By March 19, 2011

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Here's an intriguing prediction/mentalism effect that relies on a collection of shapes in a small booklet. The effect is easy to learn and perform and great for beginners.

You hand a small spiral-bound book to a spectator. Each page features a picture of four different symbols and each picture has a number printed on its back. You place a small envelope with a prediction on the table, which stays in plain view the entire time and can even be covered with a spectator's hand.

The spectator stops on any page and after the selection, you clearly show that there were other options available in the book. When you open the envelope, you show that you correctly predicted the selected outcome.

The selection of the page is a free choice and the method is quite baffling. I closely examined the book before watching a demo of the trick and could not detect the method - a clever force that comes together from freely chosen options. The method even allows you to repeat the trick with a different outcome, which allows you to perform the effect for different groups that may later compare notes.

Quality Book
The book is a quality one with heavy, glossy pages that should prove to be durable, and the accompanying DVD offers first rate and thorough instructions. The book itself is small enough to carry in a jacket pocket, which makes the effect practical for walk around, and the entire effect is stand-alone and completely self-contained.

If I could accurately predict the future I'm not sure that I would prove it with a little book of graphic symbols. But "Behavior Patterns" is quite strong. I tried it out at my restaurant the other night and it got good reactions. And this bit of mentalism may work well for you.

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