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Murray SawChuck Talks About Las Vegas Magic and Lance Burton

By May 10, 2010

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With the all of the changes and closures to the Las Vegas magic scene, magician Murray SawChuck provides some timely and insightful opinions.

What is the state of Las Vegas magic? Is the age of magic in Las Vegas, post Siegfried and Roy, passed, as some have stated? And after the closure of his long-running show, what might Lance Burton do next?

This is the third in a series of stories about Las Vegas magic - our first featured comments by Jeff Hobson and Kevin James and our second, Dan Sperry. Stay tuned for commentary from more magicians.

1. Do you feel that the popularity of magic is changing in Las Vegas? And if so, why, and what is the future?

Yes, I do feel the popularity of magic is changing and what Siegfried and Roy did for magic, Vegas, and entertainment hasn't been done since their time. I think we've [magicians] dropped the ball a bit on originality and keeping magic real and not edited on TV. I think that future magic needs to be smarter than the audience and right now it isn't.

2. Any thoughts on Lance Burton's next projects/gigs?

Lance Burton is a dear friend and I wish him well. If you want to see magic done to perfection - the classics - he is the modern classic magician. I think Lance could retire. He's definitely made his mark. If I was him, I'd do a European and Asian tour - they would eat his show and him up and he'd make another fortune.

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