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In the Works - Thinking Out the Box

By October 5, 2009

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Part of an occasional series about effects that I'm working on

I've been imagining for some time on an effect where a note mysteriously appears in a formerly empty box. Some of my colleagues on the forum have offered suggestions and when I heard about Devin Knight's "Sanda-Panda Mystery Box," I immediately checked it out.

In the Box
The Sanda-Panda box is an ungimmicked 6"x 4" box with a tight-fitting lid that is almost the same size as the box itself. The prop is made of cardboard that has the same weight as that of a donut or cake box. It looks much like a small gift box that you would be given at a department store. The prop looks innocent and is exactly what it is.

The box sits out in plain view and when you open the box, spectators find a note that states a correct prediction. As the ads state, there's no pre-show work, stooges or forcing and you perform this one without an assistant. Everything may be freely examined after wards and there's nothing to find.

Sounds to good to be true, doesn't it? That's what I thought. But the effect relies on classic and proven prediction methods and is definitely workable. You can watch a card effect that uses the box on the promo video.

Not Boxed In
The box comes with decent instructions and teaches some powerful predictions that include: a card at any number, a love-themed effect where a rose with a tag has the name of a freely named person, a cool book test and more.

While the Sanda-Panda isn't quite what I'm looking for (I've got an effect looking for a method), it's a powerful prediction tool that can be a good addition to your mentalism arsenal.

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