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Wayne Kawamoto

Angry Clown Hates Politician Comparison

By November 9, 2008

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How Low Can One Go?

In a letter to the Orlando Sentinel, Roger Reid, aka Bonzo the MagiClown, was angered when an article comparing Orlando politics to a circus displayed a picture of a clown. "Clowns seem to have to bear the brunt of all types of name-calling...you are comparing clowns to politicians...what an insult," says Reid in the story. "The politicians may be acting like clowns, but they don't deliver the goods like real clowns do."

Reid goes on to say that he has been performing as a clown for almost 50 years. "I personally know hundreds of other great clowns who would never consider being politicians," says Reid in the article. "Clowns have just one goal in mind: to make the people we perform for happy. Politicians always seem to have ulterior motives when they perform."

How about that? A clown who puts politicians in their place.

To read the entire article, please click here.


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