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Readers Talk About "CRISS ANGEL Believe" Previews

By September 28, 2008

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"CRISS ANGEL Believe," the long awaited Las Vegas show and collaboration between Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil, has been seen by a select few during recent previews. Some readers provide their comments. Thanks for filling us in.

"I Give the Show Two Months. Tops."
A group of us in town from Boston saw the Criss Angel show last night. I had a free ticket and I still felt ripped off. It is sad to watch Cirque, which I generally have enjoyed over the years, put their name on something so awful. There hasn't been a great Cirque show in Vegas since "O" and that was 10 years ago. The Criss Angel show sets a new low.

Unlike "Le Reve" or "Ka" or some of the other Cirque-like shows that started bad but they have tinkered with and made fairly good, the Criss Angel show seems unlikely to be fixable because the concept itself is so flawed. Magic is about taking the ordinary and, when it is touched by this one special figure, it becomes unusual. That's why magicians come off as these ego-driven, pseudo cult figures - for which Criss Angel could be the archetype.

Cirque, on the other hand, is about transporting you to a place and a group of people who are otherworldly from the get go. Things appear and disappear out of no where. The stage is nothing but trap doors.

But the extraordinary thing is that even though this place is so strange, you know that the two guys on stage balancing on a broomstick are, in fact, human beings just like you. Knowing that somehow these performers have trained and trained and trained to get to the point that they can make the impossible look effortless is why Cirque is magical.

On the other hand, back in the supposed "magic" show, the audience won't be impressed when someone disappears from under a sheet if they know the stage is riddled with trap doors. And you can't do a cliche saw-the-man-in-half trick as the show's climax after you've shown the audience earlier that you have the puppeteering technology to not only make supposedly sawed-off legs writhe around on a table but, back in the first act, dance about on stage.

The anonymous, masked performer who turns out to have some physical skill that is beyond belief is the hallmark of the best Cirque shows. That is the opposite of what a magician is. It's not surprising, then, that the traditional Cirque athleticism is almost entirely missing from the Criss Angel show. I'm sure that Mr. Angel was concerned such demonstrations of real talent would up stage him.

The show had either extremely eager, sycophantical fans, or, more likely, plants who were just hanging out in the bathroom striking up conversations about how great it was with anyone who would listen. I'm guessing plants since three friends went to the bathroom over a 20 minute period and ran into the same woman. It wreaks of desperation. If anyone tells you the show is good, ask them how much of a kick-back they're getting from MGM/Mirage.

I give the show 2 months. Tops.

If you're a fan of magic and want to see a good show, check out "Penn and Teller" at the Rio or even Lance Burton or David Copperfield when he's in town. If you'd like to see something Cirque-like, go see "O" or "Mystere" or "Le Reve." If you have tickets to Criss Angel, call the box office immediately to see if you can cancel.
Comment by EastDakota - September 28, 2008

A Rotten Experience Start to Finish
Give this one a skip. The show isn't very good. He thanked god at the end for giving him this show after 15 years trying to get it on (look, shouldn't A MAGICIAN be one of the last to be devout? I dunno... seemed wrong).

And they force you to check phones and cameras and then YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THE PERSON WHO TOOK YOUR STUFF originally.

Are you kidding me? And the check return is in the hallway where people are leaving - so you're getting bashed around as you try to remember the person who took your goods hours before. A rotten experience start to finish.
Comment by David B. - September 28, 2008

No Show For Fans
I was very disappointed that I traveled across the country to attend his VERY FIRST SHOW and never got a glimpse of him after the show for photos/hand shake or autograph!! I am a huge fan and expected to at least get a chance to see him off stage after the show.
Comment by Lora W. - September 28, 2008

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September 30, 2008 at 9:54 pm
(1) Mysto9 says:

The scruffy magician..whoaaa..I almost forgot his name..Criss Angel..should first, clean up,dress up, look like a professional magician,not someone from under the bridge,it’s a wonder he can get people to come up to him close…. and then do some fun tricks and illusions that will ENTERTAIN..not much SHOCK his audience! There is a difference in Shocking and the fun Suprising effects. He seems to have the attitude of “you may not like me ,or how I LOOK, AND I DON’T CARE,or give a D—.. but I am going to fool you and you will take it and like it–see..because I have the taped bits I have weeded out of all the others that are realy awful..!” Can we not get another PROFESSIONAL looking and performing MAGICIAN that will represent the rest of us everywhere..? He(or she) has to be out there waiting somewhere in the wings..!!!

October 2, 2008 at 2:39 pm
(2) Jon B. says:

Ok, so we finally got a chance Saturday night to see Criss Angel without video editing, camera tricks and hired “audience” members and this is what we get. I would like to blame Cirque for this horrible experience and direction but as Criss has pointed out MANY times in the past few months, this is HIS dream, HIS vision brought to life with the help of the Cirque team. This show will be the great unmasking of the fiction that Mind Freak has built up.

If you remember the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” you will see the problem here. Mr. Angel has surrounded himself with “consultants” that either don’t know or won’t tell him the truth. The few respected magicians that have worked for him in the past are all gone and left with a “C” string of marginal talent that are riding his coattails for any potential reward.

The rest of the cast is very talented and making the best of what must be a painful experience for them all. The choreography by Wade Robinson is great the theater and outside area spectacular, the only thing missing is any sense of talent from the “star”. Their only hope is to cast someone with talent to play the role of Criss Angel and it might have a shot.

His rambling was unprofessional and grating. It’s fine for performing for tourists on the street but one would think that for this ticket price, even in previews, he might be at least somewhat polished.

We did stay through the mind numbing finale with the lip synced exercise in self-aggrandizement that was “MindFreak” Many in our show had long departed and we had to wade through lines of people at he box office demanding their money back,

I hate paying for someone else’s therapy, yet this is what we did for Mr. Angel. This show is nothing more than a chance for him to fill some long lost void of acceptance…. a void this theater and production can never fill.

October 3, 2008 at 11:02 am
(3) Jennichelle Robles says:

What is up Criss angel!!! I wanted to ask you a question. Do you Know Into how people can stop making fun of me and stealing stuff from me without permission. I am your #1 fan. you seem of one of my specials because you about other that are around you. Things are not going well between me and my family.

October 4, 2008 at 10:50 pm
(4) kathy says:

Sorry Criss, I so wanted to like it. You sang, danced and do so so magic. YOur mindfreak fans are going to make fun of you for doing a Donny Osmond Variety show. Do not rap in public again. I was opening night and felt ripped off and I was not the only one. Some left early and we all were like watching a train crash. I heard someone say how arrogant he must be to think he can sing and dance and fool his fans out of money with lame magic. 3/4 dancing 1/4 obvious magic. Cheesy you sold out. Good luck not going mentally insane dancing with those stupid clowns for the next 10 years!! Priceless!!!!!

October 5, 2008 at 3:06 am
(5) MsMerlina says:

The show Believe is the most awesome production, revolutionary and groundbreaking. Why? It’s because the essence of true magic and supernature flows through it in a haunting beautiful vision. All elements of nature are connected and each reacts with the other to change matter – nature and supernature. The show is beautiful and you have to have an open mind, willing to learn. It’s showing us a wonderful picture of the pain and rewards of love, all kinds of love. Some people do not understand modern theatre – get with it!

October 5, 2008 at 2:36 pm
(6) Kerrie says:

We just got back from Vegas and we saw the Criss Angel show. WOW!! I am a huge fan of his TV programs but this was terrible. We felt like asking for our money back that they stole off of us on the street!!! It was awful!!!

October 5, 2008 at 2:47 pm
(7) MsMerlina says:

I think a lot of these people are commenting without even having seen the show. If you make a negative comment I’d like to see something written about which part of the show you can point out.

October 5, 2008 at 5:40 pm
(8) Janice says:

If you think you’re going to see a live version of “Mind Freak”, you’ll be sadly disappointed. It is a great production show but it should be entitled Cirque du Soleil with Criss Angel, NOT Criss Angel’s Believe with Cirque. Highly suggest he add the type of magic he’s known for and not the run-of-the-mill stage magic performance. Hopefully, it will improve before the Grand Opening on Halloween.

October 6, 2008 at 4:13 am
(9) Amanda says:

I saw Believe on tues 9/30/08 and I loved it. Granted the performance wasn’t flawless but that IS what a soft opening is isn’t it? Sounds to me that we have a lot of closed minded stupid people who can’t get their brains straight on the fact that this IS NOT MINDFREAK it is CIRQUE. Criss was great on stage and I’d pay to see it over and over again. With each performance it’s getting better and better so no doubt that by the time of the gala premiere it’ll be THE BEST show on the vegas strip and a HUGE success. So to all the haters keep in mind….who’s making $200 million plus dollars. HMMMM sounds me me he IS doing something right.

Going into the show you need an open mind and willing to accept the fact that you’re taken on a beautiful journey through a place where others were afraid to even touch on and criss is bringing that to life. Although I know he wont read this…GOOD JOB CRISS, EFF ALL THOSE EFFING EFFERS AND CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST AND THAT’S BUGGING PEOPLE OUT WITH YOUR TREMENDOUS TALLENT AND IMAGINATION!!!



October 6, 2008 at 4:42 am
(10) Debbie W says:

Ok enough with the negativity..this show was amazing I saw it on Tues and Fri.,you have to go into it with an open mind..it has a beautiful story line of Love and Evil..and yes there are illusions..it is a mindfreak show..it is a theatrical production very well done, I applaude you Criss for your creativity and magic.

October 6, 2008 at 8:15 am
(11) Steph says:

The worst show i have ever seen! Save your money please, because they dont give refunds if you dont like it! beleive me I know because me and my 3 kids (who were all huge fans of his tv show) tried to get our money back but they wouldn’t. Warn your friends!!!!! TERRIBLE SHOW

October 6, 2008 at 10:15 am
(12) Virginia says:

I firmly believe that this show has great potential. Of course it’s not perfected yet….something this complex takes time to evolve. If you don’t want to see imperfections, you shouldn’t buy tickets to preview shows. There are a lot of technical issues that need to be worked on, but once that is done, it’s my opinion that the show will be a roaring success. I plan to see the show at least once a month for the first year. I am looking forward to being witness to the evolution of a project that is like no other.

Some have complained that they couldn’t follow the story line. This I can understand because the story is about Criss, his life experiences & his emotions. I suspect that one would have to know Criss & his personal history to get the full impact of the story line. They may want to work on that aspect of the show in order to satisfy a broader audience. It needs to be done so that even those who have never heard of Criss Angel can follow & enjoy the story. Even then, I think, everyone will have their own, personal interpretation of the story. It’s like an intense fairy tale combined with a complex ballet production….where no two people will see it the same or feel it the same. That’s the best I can describe it….and it’s not just because I’m an Angel fan, either. Criss was ok individually….but the intensity of the show is a result of the whole emotionally-charged production and the ability of the players to draw you into their world, into their minds. But you have to be open to it….you have to be willing to give up your own world for a while and just let yourself go….allow yourself to FEEL. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people who are comfortable enough & secure enough in their own skin to be able to let down that wall of false security & feel the raw emotion of the moment. I pity those who are afraid to let themselves feel. They are missing out on the true beauty of life.

October 6, 2008 at 11:17 am
(13) Buffy says:

“Wow” was all I could say, too and it’s not a good wow. This is an absolutely awful production. I’m still struggling to describe the whole event. The ‘story’ is so, so dark with gratuitious gore that it’s just disgusting. Some say the show is ‘original’ but the rabbit is a complete rip off from C.S. Lewis’ Alice in Wonderland (also another dark story) and the poppy field scene with the drug induced sleep and dreams is also a rip off from The Wizard of Oz so ‘original is not a valid description. I won’t even comment on the amateur level of ‘magic’ that was used (all holes in the flooring concealed beneath yards and yards of fabric from costumes). Stay home, save you money. I ‘Believe’ I should ask for my money back.

October 6, 2008 at 11:37 pm
(14) Jeff says:

ARE YOU READY! Yes! I was ready! – I saw the show Sunday September 28. It was the worst show I have ever seen in Vegas. My two tickets cost over $270.00 for the good seats. There was no coherent story line, poor acting, easily seen wires to “fly” with, easily seen pocketed birds to magically dissappear… Such a dissapointment and YES I did have an open mind – so open that I stayed for the entire show knowing that it HAD to get better – only it didn’t. Obvioud trap doors, too much smoke to obscure the “illusions”, key characters listed in the program you never saw on stage, a love story? never developed, Chris “rappin and dancin’”, really corny runnuing around behind a picture with a quick wardrobe change… ugh! Afterwards I met no one that thought it was worth the price of admission – even with free tickets. About 50 of us waited to talk to the director about the show but no one would meet with us. The Luxor sent representatives out to calm the crowd and provided “Forms” to fill out for a refund from the show and a phone number to call… problem was the number was generic with no one returning the call or messages and no where to send the form to… another rip off! Someone needs to tell Chris Angel that the Emporer isn’t wearing any clothes. Go see Donny and Marie because even if you hate them and want to rip your hair out listening to their wholesomeness you will still be better off than getting watching the Chris Angel dissaster!

October 7, 2008 at 7:00 am
(15) Peter says:

I was at the first show on 9/26. To say it was terrible is an understatement. If I didn’t have friends with me, who I talked into going to the show, I would have left before it was over. The reason to be excited to go to this show was to see a world class magician perform; unfortunately we were subjected to cheap trap door tricks and doves in a cape. I heard that Luxor has put $85 million into this show; they got ripped off much more than my $400 tickets.

October 7, 2008 at 7:29 pm
(16) melissa says:

can someone please tell me if this was about gay orgies and drugs as i heard one say it would be months ago.i`ll never have a chance to see it so please tell me the storyline.—thank you very much.

October 8, 2008 at 1:48 am
(17) Karen C says:

I went to the fourth “Believe” show. I did enjoy it, but I didn’t see the story line. I thought that the visual effects were beautiful and that it was original.
A lot of the complaints that I read were from spoiled Americans that can’t stand to be separated from their damn cell phones and cameras for a few minutes. It states right on the tickets not to bring phones and cameras to the theater.
And why are we so quick to hate and put down people? Criss really worked hard in the show. And I really enjoyed the character “Crimson” and I liked the dern rabbits too.
Give the group some time to tweak out the rough spots.

October 9, 2008 at 1:40 am
(18) MP says:

I was excited to see the show and then disappointed at the outcome. It was a cheesy, scripted, sexy-wannabe Las Vegas show with a bad actor. The magic was predictable and not spectacular. Trap doors, wires and Criss imposters easy to pick out. The Cirque dancers were ok but I didnt pay to see Cirque de Soleil.

October 9, 2008 at 2:07 pm
(19) pud har says:

The only thing that will freak your mind out about this show is how bad it is. I am a big fan of “mind Freak” have always loved magic or “illusions”but this was purely amateur magic. If you have never seen birds fly from out of no where or someone escape from a straight jacket or get sawed in half then you might like it. If you have seen all the above then skip it.

October 9, 2008 at 9:13 pm
(20) KeepnItFunky says:

I attended the September 30th and October 3rd Believe performances. Going twice was planned in advance. I knew there would be a lot to take in, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m not sorry I went to either show.

So far the only article I have read that gives an accurate depiction of what Believe and Criss Angel are about is the article by Matthew Cope in M Magazine entitled, “Do You Believe?”. I think any reviews made by those who haven’t seen the show and are only reporting on the hearsay of a few people should be ignored completely. I don’t understand the harsh criticisms that I have read in recent days as the shows are previews and not yet finished. In fairness to the performers and other personnel staging the show, they haven’t gotten to rehearse in the actual theater for very long due to recent changes to the fire codes and having to rebuild parts of the theater. I saw with my own eyes in August that construction was still ongoing. When I went to the show on the 30th, I saw a small illusion that didn’t work at all. It didn’t bother me. I didn’t expect the show to be perfect at this point. By the 3rd, that illusion worked perfectly. I also saw at least two other elements that were improved upon as well in the second show. Rest assured that Criss Angel is a perfectionist, and he will make sure everything is perfect for the gala opening on Halloween. Judgements, especially for the technical aspects of the show, should be reserved until that time.

I have also read comments, not first hand ones, about how displeased Felix Rappaport, president of the Luxor, must be about the show. I can tell you first hand that this is not true. I spoke to Mr. Rappaport after Friday’s performance, and I am not exaggerating when I say that he was beaming. He was delighted with the show and said he had gone to every performance so far. He was especially impressed by the music that evening. To me the music is very powerful and often haunting. Nitza has a beautiful voice and is a lovely lady. I met her as well.

When you go to Believe, you should allow yourself to feel it and take in the experience as a whole. You shouldn’t go in with the attitude that you’re going to pick it apart and try to figure out how the illusions are done. You won’t enjoy it if you’re not paying attention to the story. You also won’t enjoy it if you’re expecting it to be another episode of Mindfreak or another Cirque show. It’s something new. It’s an artfully done, theatrical production which uses illusions to help illustrate parts of the storyline. It’s similar to Alice in Wonderland or Criss’ favorite movie, the Wizard of Oz. It’s about a magician who gets hurt while performing on stage and while hanging between life and death has fantastical dreams or hallucinations of finding love, reaching for it and not getting it, getting it, and having it ripped away by death.

Seeing Believe for the first time for me was a treat for the senses. There is so much that is visually stunning; the sweeping red velvet curtain framed in gold with rabbits pulling Criss’ head out of a hat, the flower Kayala hangs from among the red poppies and black sky, her enormous wedding dress that fills the entire stage with the train raised to the ceiling so Criss can walk down it. All of the costumes are very creative and a feast for the eyes. The most stunning visual of the show for me though was Criss weeping over Kayala’s lifeless body in the mist, carrying her through the rain that fell inside a picture frame, releasing her to the heavens, then levitating with her for one last goodbye. I thought of Criss’ father who died in his arms and loved ones I had lost. It was so moving and beautiful that I wept.

When the ushers were performing, I laughed until my face hurt from smiling so much. They are not “clowns” exactly as some people have said, but they do act like clowns at times. Many people don’t seem to understand their part in the show. In my opinion, they are there to entertain the audience until the show starts, make fun of the hokey style magic that is often presented to the public which Criss hates, aid Criss in his illusions, and provide some comic relief so the show isn’t too dark.

I am looking forward to seeing the show again after the additional illusions are added and everything is fine tuned. I hope everyone will remember that what we are getting now is a “behind the scenes” look of sorts at the creative process, not a finished product. There are a lot of people working very hard to make the show a success, and they need our support and constructive feedback in order to achieve their goals and put out a show that everyone will enjoy.

October 10, 2008 at 4:54 am
(21) nitza says:

Dear KeepinItFunky,

It was lovely meeting you after the show as well :)
Thanks so much for your kind words…


October 10, 2008 at 1:20 pm
(22) Reby says:

I am HUGE fan of Criss but, to be honest Im really disappointed with his show.
I found on youtube another magician Luca Volpe and really he get now my attention..maybe he can do better than Criss…!

October 10, 2008 at 6:00 pm
(23) Canadian girl says:

I couldn’t believe it when my husband called to tell me he got tickets to Criss Angels new show. I’m a huge fan and it would be the cherry on top of our Vegas vacation.
I was sadly disappointed. The tricks were nothing to write home about but even worse they were executed so poorly. The wires were visible even through smoke, trap doors could be seen as he and other actors had come up through them and he would pop up from the same area, and the lame attempt at him running behind the screen and changing into different clothing was obviously a body double who had the same physique and a face that was obscured.
We stayed for the whole show…I believed we should reserve judgement until we saw it in it’s entirety. It had to get better…..right?
And I left thinking what a HUGE EGO, he has, has anyone told him that the lipsyching advertisement of his MINDFREAK show as well as rapping and breakdancing might not be such a good idea.
I beg Cirque and Luxor to look into hiring someone new for this show, a performer not necessarily a magician. This is not a magic show. We were disappointed because we believed that the Cirque performers could do so much better if they had the right leading man. This guy is not a good actor and a pretty cheesy performer. Lose the bravado and humble yourself enough to actually be willing to hear back from your audience. I was shocked that in a preview audience format, no one asked our opinion. After reading all the comments posted I know why they didn’t…..DENIAL.

October 11, 2008 at 12:59 am
(24) ex Cirque fan says:

to whom it may concern:

Saw this Cirque du Solame show, “Believe” on Sept. 30, 2008 after the previously purchased and ticketed show was canceled. Should never have repurchased for another date!

There were NO cirque attributes whatsoever in this stinky so-called “franchised” production. I predict they will close before Christmas or lose the reported 85 billion like the investors on Wall Street.

In NYC, “Wintuk” bombed last year (after those who purchased tickets months in advance realized too late they were ripped off) and when Cirque brought it back this year for the holiday season, they are practically giving away discounted tickets on TDF.org. That was the first rip off and now “BeLIEve” which is the furtherest thing from “magic” or entertainment I have ever witnessed.

Don’t belive me? Spend your money and go watch Criss Angel attempt to dance and lipsync to his “MindFreak” theme song and beg the audience to use Luxor’s slot machine!

Yuck! What a turn off and so trailer-park!

I was WAY too embarassed to join the others and demand my money back! I regret I wasted my time sitting through that crap!


October 11, 2008 at 1:11 am
(25) ex Cirque fan says:

to whom it may concern:

Saw this Cirque du Solame show, “Believe” on Sept. 30, 2008 after the previously purchased and ticketed show was canceled. Should never have repurchased for another date!

There were NO cirque attributes whatsoever in this stinky so-called “franchised” production. I predict they will close before Christmas or lose the reported 85 MILLION invested, like those investors on Wall Street.

In NYC, “Wintuk” bombed last year (after those who purchased tickets months in advance realized too late they were ripped off) and when Cirque brought it back this year for the holiday season, they are practically giving away discounted tickets on TDF.org. That was the first rip off and now “BeLIEve” which is the furtherest thing from “magic” or entertainment I have ever witnessed.

Don’t belive me? Spend your money and go watch Criss Angel attempt to dance and lipsync to his “MindFreak” theme song and beg the audience to use Luxor’s slot machine!

Yuck! What a turn off and so trailer-park!

I was WAY too embarassed to join the others and demand my money back! I regret I wasted my time sitting through that crap!


October 11, 2008 at 1:04 pm
(26) kayla says:

Hi I just want to say is that criss is awsome and he’s my hero.

October 11, 2008 at 1:10 pm
(27) kayla says:

hey criss! Your my hero. I hope you have a new season for A&E. Kayla from fordcity PA.

October 11, 2008 at 1:15 pm
(28) kayla says:

Hi I just want to say is that criss is awsome and he’s my hero. It would be awsome if my friends and me meet him. All we do is talk about him. School or at home.

October 11, 2008 at 8:59 pm
(29) kathy says:

I think some of the comments are staged. I did see opening night and left a previous comment. If you think I am being harsh or picking apart the show just to be negative that is absurd. It is a joke and a very bad waste of time and money to see. How could so many people be wrong?? Look, I started my blog with I wanted to believe and I was so on his side at first. When I seen the show opening night, I saw his true colours. Arrogant,and taking the audience for fools. I was taken for my time,money and a good time in Vegas. I should have gambled it away. I would have had more fun. I thought it was a joke and he would come out saying ha ha here is some good magic and beat up those dumb clowns that followed him. I too am fighting for my money back. CRISS be a man and let us have our hard earned money back GOD knows you and LUXOR do not need it.!!!!!

October 11, 2008 at 10:05 pm
(30) MsMerlina says:

Yeah, some of the comments seem to be ‘staged’ – the bad ones! When I go out with a group of people, we have fun, we enjoy new art – Believe is new, fresh, exciting & brilliant. When I read comments so hateful here, it makes me think of a group of trolls coming out from under a bridge – Making growling gutteral remarks -nasty,negative horrible and hiding behind their computers. I wouldn’t want to hang some of you negative beings at Cirque or anywhere! I prefer people full of laughter, light, insight and love! Criss Angel is one of these preferred people – at the top of my list!

October 12, 2008 at 4:08 pm
(31) ted says:

gee #30,–you prefer people like criss?–you know him so well dont you?! you must prefer drugs,group sex,s&m,and bad rock ‘n roll,cause thats what the real criss is all about.

October 12, 2008 at 6:18 pm
(32) jamie says:

Yes, I agree the Criss Angel show BeLIEve was just awful.
I attended on Friday, Oct 10th expecting to be blown away or at the very least to have a good time. The set was amazing, the seats were good, the prelude and hype fantastic. The show… lol, not so good.
It starts out as a live Criss Angel show, which I thought was odd, however if he had kept to that it might have been a good show. It switched after the lighting suit act into a weird dream? filled hallunication involving love, good and evil.
Unfortunately the 1 and 1/2 hr of his thoughts/brains on stage only makes sense to Criss himself and not the 99% of the general population that is paying to see this. So it was very hard to make heads or tails of this storyline.
Overall, the Cirque part of it was great, the dancing, the movements but it didn’t really tie into a fluid story with Criss. I don’t see a future (especially not a 10 year one) if the show is not fixed ASAP.
My advice
1. don’t start off the show like it was a Criss Angel show, maybe start off with each of the girls showcasing good and evil, crimson doing a evil showcase, kalala doing her good and then Criss stuck in the middle.
2. When the cirque is performing, get off the damn stage!! Instead of enjoying the Cirque dance we are watching you to see if you something amazing which you do not.
3. Do not attempt to sing or dance at the end. You can do neither and should not attempt to do so infront of others.
End the show with going out to the audience to meet people, they came to see you
4. Get rid of the changing clothes “demonstration” yes we could see that every second person was not you as “he” faced the screen :)
5. Work on the story… if you have too many ideas focus on one or two great ideas and save the rest of the ideas for a different show
I sure hope something gets fixed real soon cause if not the show is going to crash and burn.

October 13, 2008 at 6:01 pm
(33) Xlr8tor says:

I am glad that when Doug Elfman quoted me the first day saying that the show was trash, that I ended up voicing out what so many people were thinking that night and continue to think. I was so upset after that show that I walked out 30 minutes before it ended and was approached by the reporters. That show is trash and I see that it has not changed whatsoever. It will be hell for Criss who thinks he is at the top to try to salvage his reputation after this disaster. As I posted in another website, its all a matter of physics, what goes up, must come down. For Criss its a plunge back to a harsh reality, that he is neither a Headliner or a Magician.


October 15, 2008 at 12:16 am
(34) "Believe" the bad revues- says:

This is a really really bad show! Don’t waste your time or money
unless you really have to see for yourself to “Believe” just how really really bad this show is.

October 15, 2008 at 1:52 pm
(35) darcy9086 says:

We were excited to see this show on Monday October 13. Neither my husband nor I are overally familiar with Criss Angel, but the hype in Vegas was huge for the show. I am sorry to say that I too was very disappointed and as we left the theater, we did not hear one positive comment from anyone else. There were some good points to the show, the whirling poppies, the dancing bride, a few other pieces…but overall it was dark, hard to follow, and just plain weird. Before I am attacked–yes I know that this is the plan for the show. But when you pay hundreds of $ for tickets, you expect to get something out of it. The illusions are not that great–at the beginning he says that there will be some old illusions and some new ones, I didn’t see anything too new or spectacular that blew my mind.
As others have stated, it might be better by opening night. I hope so. We went to the 10 p.m. show and I was seriously having to fight to stay awake by 11:00. Maybe the problem is with me — Perhaps I don’t understand theater wel enough. Who knows?? I do know that while I would never ask for my money back, I certainly will share my opinion of the show with anyone who will listen.

On a side note — I have heard a lot of critisim of Criss Angel’s attitude and rudenes. I had the opportunity after the show to see him interact with others at the deli at the Luxor. We had already ordered and were eating when he and his group arrived. They were all extremely polite and gracious in their dealings with the restaurant personel and the fans that attempted to approach them. HE even thanked the staff twice for the extra pickle!! I commented to my husband how surprised I was at his level of politeness because often you expect celebrities to act like jerks. I was impressed with that aspect of him at least.

So my overall impression?? Nice guy–bad show. Here’s hoping that it gets better for him!

October 17, 2008 at 2:43 am
(36) Stav says:

We are supposed to take your word for it as if you are God? We need to just rip up the ut tickets and forget about how to form our own opinions?

I think you are a harsh critic! Frankly, I am sure this show is a s good as you say its bad. Simply because you did not say one good thing. I think you have an agenda. Who do you work for?

To educate the public more precisly, the show is not a magic show.

By the way let’s see you even try to imagine a show sir. Let alone create one or how about six! People love Cirque du Soleil and Criss Angel. There is nothing you can say to stop this love.

Beleive is a show that has a lot going for it and people will appreciate the artistry.

Keep your negative harshness to yourself.

I hope people out there will keep and open mind and let the show progress.

October 18, 2008 at 9:36 am
(37) frances says:

We saw Criss angels show sept27 and we loved it. We took our son and during the show Criss came off stage and picked up our son, it made his year. After the show we got to meet Criss and take pictures with him. He is a really nice guy, it was an awesome experience.

October 18, 2008 at 5:28 pm
(38) TJ says:

Just saw it last night. I love Criss but the show is deranged! None of the parts of the show are good. I still loved seeing him though.

October 19, 2008 at 7:16 pm
(39) MsMerlina says:

Dear Frances (#37)

Your excitement over your son’s photo-op overshadowed the ‘performance’ which you didn’t comment on. Apparently, like the doves in the show, it flew over your heads.

Perhaps you, your son and Criss should start your own show.

All hail Criss!

October 19, 2008 at 10:16 pm
(40) sid says:

My wife and I saw the show last Tuesday. I have been to many show
s in Vegas, most I liked, some I did not. However, I have never felt so ripped off. It stole half a night of our trip to Vegas. It was a new emotion for us both as we left. We are huge fans of Criss Angel and could only feel sorry for the position he is in now. If I could demand to get my money back, I would.

October 20, 2008 at 3:56 pm
(41) Lison48 says:

My husband and I saw Believe on Oct. 8th and we love it.

I very appreciated the music, dancers, acrobats and Criss.

October 20, 2008 at 6:20 pm
(42) Jack V says:

Criss Angel’s Believe is quite simply the single worst thing ever committed to the stage under the banner of a “professional” theatrical production. In fact, I have seen dozens of amateur productions that are exponentially better than the atrocity unfolding on stage nightly at the Luxor. I have been in the entertainment business for more than 20 years, and in that time I have been employed to sit through hundreds of preview performances, so that I could later give notes to the director, which he or she would then consider in getting the show ready for a hard opening. I have also worked on the production of several very large and complex magic shows. After watching Believe, I sadly concluded that there was no simple way to salvage this awful show. All I could think is that they should keep the set, the costumes and the choreography and start from scratch. If Cirque and the Luxor aren’t deluding themselves (and I know that they’re not – Cirque is very worried about how this show will affect their reputation) they will close down the show, give it a complete overhaul, and reschedule the opening for some time in the first quarter of next year.
The show has many flaws, but the two most unforgiving flaws are its star and the magic (what little there is) that he performs. Criss Angel is a mega-reality TV star; reality TV is his domain, and he dominates it well. Criss has never had experience performing in a professional, first-class theatrical setting (and don’t point to his show in the WWF theater in NY – I saw it several times, and while it was decent, it was small, and by no means could it be considered a “professional” theatrical endeavor), as a result, the “star” of this show sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to stage presence, movement, and just the basic ability to look like a professional performer. Unfortunately, all of the reality TV fame in the world won’t automatically result in the ability to grace a stage in the manner needed to come off as a professional stage entertainer. Criss needs to spend months in daily, intensive training with theater professionals, who can teach him how to stand, move and talk like a professional entertainer. The Cirque elements of the show are of the highest professional caliber, which only contributes to just how amateurish Criss comes across as a performer.
We could forgive Criss’s lack of professionalism, if the magic were stunning. But it’s not. In fact, it is some of the most poorly conceived and uninspired magic I have ever seen. This is Criss’s fault. First, he painted himself into a corner with his TV show. Anyone with even a modest understanding of magic realizes that Criss can’t do in public what he does on TV. Criss uses the camera in a masterful way to assist him in the illusions he performs, but without the audiences point of view being limited by the camera, Criss simply can’t do live on stage the things he does on TV (he can do things similar to what he does on TV, but they will look less miraculous than what he does on TV). That being said, there is a world of incredible magic and illusions out there and dozens of professional magic consultants that could breathe life into this pitiful show, but Criss has not availed himself of them. Why has he not? For one, he has begun to believe his own press. Second, he refuses to pay for it (Criss is notoriously frugal when it comes to this stuff – the classic case of penny wise, pound foolish). Third, the few professionals he did contact to help him with the magic in the show were asked to sign ridiculous secrecy agreements that would prevent them from ever again using principles of magic that are hundreds of years old, if they worked with Criss on Believe. (And no, I have no personal axe to grind, I never was, and never wanted to be, involved with this show – but the magic community is a very small world, and I saw this silly agreement myself).
From a financial point of view, Believe is not likely to just close and go away. With the amount of money invested in the show to this point, it makes more sense to invest some more, fix it, and run it long enough to recoup the investment. The only trick will be getting this done in a manner that doesn’t kill Cirque’s, Criss’s and the Luxor’s reputation.
If you have tickets to the show, get a refund. If you’ve been a victim of this show, demand your money back. Letting the show open – even in previews – was, in my view, a negligent act by Cirque and the Luxor, and they should not be allowed to profit from their own negligence (I understand that the Luxor has given refunds to angry patrons). If you want to go see a good Cirque or Cirque-like show, go see Love, Le Reve or Zumanity. If you want to go see a good magic show, go see Lance Burton, Nathan Burton or Jeff McBride at Palace Station. Don’t spend your hard earned money on Believe, until Criss, Cirque and the Luxor show their fans and patrons the respect they deserve and reconstruct this theatrical atrocity from the top down.

October 21, 2008 at 7:41 am
(43) Donna H says:

We saw Criss Angel’s show “Believe” on October the 17th. Myself and my husband, and another couple, flew from Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, to Vegas to see him. He wasn’t the only reason for our trip, but he sure was a big part of it. We planned our trip around when the show would be on. My husband is, or WAS a huge fan of Criss Angel, but after seeing his show he says he won’t watch it on tv, ever again. We were so disappointed! We went there expecting to see the same type of show he does on tv, which wasn’t the case. It was a poor production show! After we returned home I called the Luxor to complain about the cost of our tickets, and how we felt we were misled into thinking this was a magic show.. They told me that no, it was never intended to be a magic show, but rather a production show. Why in heavens name wouldn’t they make that clear to people when they book their tickets? Nowhere, and I do mean nowhere did the show description say this was NOT his typical show.
We, as I’m sure others did, went there expecting to see him perform his illusions. Why else would someone purchase tickets to see him? It’s like when we went to see Bette Medler. We went there to see the kind of show that made her famous! We wouldn’t go see her to watch her perform magic tricks, just as we didn’t buy tickets to see Criss Angel do a production show! That’s NOT what made him famous!!
And as far as those silly clowns they had entertaining the audience before the show, a 5th grader could have done just as well! They were rediculous!
If you want to see Criss perform a 3rd rate production show, then by all means buy tickets, but if you’re looking for the illusions he does on tv, save your money. It’s not happening!

October 21, 2008 at 6:09 pm
(44) kelly says:

WORSE than awful. I actually felt sorry FOR HIM. Suggestion: Criss, just get naked and stand still for 90-minutes. Your (live) “magic” and cheezy break-dancing stink on ice. My 5-year-old nephew does more “believable” tricks. I honestly think this show is UN-salvagable…unless Cirque takes their theater & music and does a complete re-do. (Criss needs to stick w/tv camera tricks and paid actors who “act” mesmerized.) Poor birds- how did they get caught up in this train wreck???!!!

October 21, 2008 at 7:49 pm
(45) Mike Wessells says:

My fiance and I saw the show on 10/17/08…We were hyped for a great show after seeing Zumanity the night before (which was great) First I had to check my camera…OMG..not a good feeling there…then we were treated to the most bizarre, unmagical, unimpressive, show we have ever seen. Choreagraphed dance numbers that were just odd and not a whole lot of mind freak magic. More bad acting and silly humor than anything else. Then being treated to a LONG line of people trying to recover their checked cameras left a bad taste in my mouth. SKIP this show..you will be better off taking the ticket price and putting it into a slot machine and hit max bet. Sorry Criss…this one is a DUD.

October 21, 2008 at 7:52 pm
(46) Maxine & Dot says:

My daughter (who is a “loyal freak”) and I went to see the show September 27 and we both thought it was awesome. From the costumes to the choreography to Criss – yes you can see the illusions being performed but hopefully that will all be worked out and after the premiere (Halloween) they will flow smoothly. Try going back after Halloween to check it out! Also we got real lucky and Criss came to meet us after the show and shook hands then we got to take pics with him and he chatted to my daughter – he was chatting with fans for a good couple of hours after the show – not many celebs with large egos would do that – guess his ego isn’t that big! Having said all that can’t say I think it was a smart move to try this Criss – especially not for 10 years – magic is so much better performed in front of a TV camera. Anyway thanks for coming out and making my daughter’s night, she will remember it forever!!

October 22, 2008 at 4:10 pm
(47) Real Magic Fan says:

Cost of the production… $85 Million

Criss’ Potential salary…. $100 Million

Seeing him exposed as the cheesy, no talent hack that he is…… PRICELESS!

October 24, 2008 at 9:30 am
(48) xlr8tor says:

Real Magic Fan.. Well said! They should sell Tshirts at his shop outside his theatre with that on it… 7 more days and the reviews will pour in. OH what fun that will be to read what we have all been saying..

October 25, 2008 at 11:33 pm
(49) Anthony says:

went to the your show last night, its hard to believe i paid money for it. I have never seen so many people leave in the middle of a show, or not even clap at the end. No one even stood, coming out of the theater I heard comments such as “that was the most expensive nap I ever took”. It was real crap, it wasnt Cirque de soliel, neither magic. The only magic is the money I spent to see this crap. I have to say I did get some much needed sleep during a large part of it. Thnx , maybe stay to what your good at. Did you think it was normal no one was clapping and were running really running to leave. He should cancel and save the embarrassment

October 26, 2008 at 12:18 pm
(50) rnl37 says:

We just saw the show this on 10/20, after they said they’ve made many changes…let me tell you, they need to completely rework that show. We are avid Criss Angel fans, as well as Cirque fans, so we were so looking forward to this show. It seemed like it could be the best of both worlds. There was very little true magic in the show, and what there was of it were tricks we’ve already seen him perform or some modification of them. Cirque did very little of the contortions and high-wire acts we’ve seen of them…instead the show is trying to take a dramatic flare, lots of dancing and talking on stage. The idea behind the show, almost a ‘Wizard of Oz’ type of theme, with a dream sequence, was extremely corny and embarrassing…we couldn’t believe this is something that Criss Angel would want put out with his name on it. We were very upset we spent over $300(!) on this show and wish we could have gotten our money back. There were actually people falling asleep in the audience. Do not waste your money on this show.

October 27, 2008 at 3:09 pm
(51) Jon V says:

This show was so bad on EVERY level, I knew something just wasn’t right. I knew Criss Angel wasn’t the sharpest knife in the draw but Cirque? Then I watched “The Producers” again the other night and got it… this is “Springtime for Hitler” 2008!

Let’s think about it. They get the biggest no talent hack, rock star wannabe that has NO track record of headlining a live show on this scale (and no, doing your own show in NY in a 150 seat basement room doesn’t count), whose career is built around editors and production people crafting him into a magician on screen… then insure him against his ability to fulfill his contract to them (I would LOVE to have read those terms!)

Next… set out to produce the worst show ever and hit up the insurance when it fails!


Look very closely at the parallels. Take a production team running out of original ideas (Max Bialystock/Leo Bloom = Cirque’s Guy Laliberte’, Gilles Ste-Croix) add some overblown and warped choreography (although excellent – don’t forget the amazing goose-stepping showgirls) then give an ego maniacal (and by many accounts gay) star with severely limited ability too much artistic control (Roger DeBris = Criss Angel) then through a huge amount of money at them and let it all implode.

Can anyone else not see this?

The sad fact is that this show will probably never make it to comedy cult status. This 2008 equivalent to “Plan 9 from Outer Space” might take years before the public can look back and laugh. I hope at least “The Producers” can.

October 27, 2008 at 8:53 pm
(52) rickie rocket says:

WOW was that stupid,terrible ,horrific !
You made my money disappear ! I want it back.
I fell asleep at 7 rows back. You could see everything you were up to from there. Position something over the trap door..Hmmm… going to disappear or reappear ? What was the changing clothes routine ? Stupid,stupid,stupid. The next time mind freak comes on.. I’ll be turning the channel. Criss Angel Sucks !

October 27, 2008 at 10:23 pm
(53) Laura says:

It was so bad. So so bad. The worst show I have ever seen. I had to laugh because I could not “Believe” it. They state that “The show is a fantastic journey, an out of this world roller-coaster ride into the subconscious of a man with magical powers”. Magical?? There was very little magic, he made a few birds appear – WOW! And he was cut in half – AMAZING. What type of journey are they referring to? From where I was sitting I saw a few folks making a journey out of there before the show was even half over. This show was all bout his ego. Criss tries to act and falls flat. It was so very bad I don’t know how they can recover. At the end Criss gives a speech about how you can work hard and “Believe” in yourself and you too could have a show in Vegas….Please, we all paid to see a show. Not Criss stroking his ego. MY GOD, had he really had this dream for 15 years? That’s sad…

I was tempted to demand my money back but it was not the money I was upset about, it was my time. That can never be recovered.

This show proves a few things: Criss Angel needs to fire everyone around him telling him how great he is – this show will ruin his career. WHO bombs this bad in VEGAS?? AND if your a magician, stick to what your good at.

October 28, 2008 at 7:50 pm
(54) hootie says:

One word…….SUCKS

October 30, 2008 at 6:08 pm
(55) Matt Krogol says:

How can Cirque even put their name on such a worthless show? I have seen every show they have put on in Vegas and this one is so bad i feel like i was robbed. They should do the Cirque name a favor and abandon ship now before they ruin their reputation.

The 4 clowns pre show were very good. I cannot name one good thing about the rest of the show.

I wrote to Cirque and this was their reply:

Thank you for you interest in Cirque du Soleil Matthew. We appreciate all comments and feedback and are forwarding them to the creative team. As with all of our Cirque du Soleil shows, CRISS ANGEL Believe is evolving into its own element. It is a process that Cirque du Soleil is working diligently on. My apologies if offense was taken.

OFFENSIVE there is the word I was looking for. Save your cash you will thank me later.

October 31, 2008 at 12:56 pm
(56) Grif says:


I just saw this show back on October 25th of 2008. If you are hoping that the smoothness and awe of his television show transcends into the stage show, I can tell you it does not.

I am not one of these people that go to a magic show and look for the secrets and then say it was a bad show. If a magician can make it look good, I will accept the trick and take it no further. I enjoy the thought of magic. However, this is the first time that no looking is required. I was flat out shown what the secrets were and what was actually happening.

This is unfortunately not worth 170 dollars. Save your money, use it in the Casino. Sorry Criss, I don’t think you name will mean much if you keep doing this show.

October 31, 2008 at 1:41 pm
(57) Mike says:

Here is some advice for any “beLIEve” ticket holders…Sell your tickets for Half Price to someone in line at the box office….then have Criss Angel meet you behind his Luxor theater…Have him kick you square in the balls…then take the money you got for the tickets and go to the Luxor Cashier…have them convert the cash in pennies…next …catch a cab to the fountains at the Bellagio…slowly pitch the pennies in the fountain….one by one while singing “Luck be a Lady tonight”…you will have a much more entertaining time than sitting through this horrible wallet litening show…OMG its HORRIBLE

October 31, 2008 at 2:15 pm
(58) TnT says:

We went to Vegas on our honeymoon specifically to see Criss Angel and his new show. We couldn’t have been more disappointed. We spent alot of money to be in the 4th row and do the meet and greet afterwards. The show disappointed us – we could see all the props, wires, etc PLUS could even tell when Criss used a double. Maybe the cheaper seats in the back would have been a much better idea. The meet and greet was a joke – people pushing and shoving – only to get enough time with him to take a picture – very unorganized! It was after 2 shows, Criss was tired and so were we after having to be at the Luxor from 3pm to 1am that day for everything.

November 6, 2008 at 12:38 am
(59) Joan P says:

Have to agree with 99% of the peoples comments. Went there last week – preview – still had to pay $90 a ticket and left very very dissapointed. Was a big big fan going in and felt very ripped off. Gave away ëvery” trick he did. Between the mirror, trap doors, fake props & S hook dangling above his head – Oppps! – i guess someone will get in s*** for that one. Not very impressed would have loved a refund.

November 6, 2008 at 6:42 am
(60) rip toff says:

I wish I would have saw the reviews before wasting my money on this show. I was there Nov. 3. Criss was out of breath within 3 seconds of appearing. I love mind freak, but this show was horrible. As mentioned before, there was minimal magic and what there was a 12 year old could replicate. So I thought, well maybe younger kids might like it, then I realized he was swearing a lot. Criss Angel may be cool on TV, but he is no actor. When I saw the Tesla coils I was like “cool this show is going to be awesome”, then the fake injury and him humping the ground (supposedly he was electricuted and shaking on the ground, but it really looked like he was having an affair with the stage). It was bad from the get go and I was hoping someone would say lets get out of here, but we stayed till the dismal end. The choreography was great …Wade Robson is the s***, and the backgrounds were awesome. You know a show sucks when someone asks how it was and you say, “Well, the sets were cool.” I’m sorry, but I don’t know how this will last for 10 years. I was left with a headache and an empty wallet…Wow! That’s magic.

Positive reviewers: How much did you get paid to leave your comment? Also, did you really see the show? Really? You say go in open minded. I went open minded, in fact hadn’t read a review about the show. I saw the homage to the rabbits routine on SYTYCD and thought it’d be a cool experience. What you should say is cut open your skull, remove your brain completely, and maybe, just maybe you might like it. Then again probably not.

November 9, 2008 at 2:36 pm
(61) Regina says:

I think the thing to remember here is…can this show make it for its 10-year run? I don’t think there is any way that can happen.

Yes there are a few…very few…based on reviews from multiple sites, who love this show. These groupies would probably get excited watching Criss pick his nose. However, Luxor and Cirque are not going to continue to back a show that maybe 10 percent of the population likes. That’s just not good business.

These people who are commenting on this show are giving their opinions of what they have seen…and it’s bad. Very bad. I saw this show on October 14, and was absolutely sickened. The only thing that kept me from walking out was the eternal hope that something good would happen.

I am (or at least was) a Criss Angel fan, so I had no problem dishing out $250 to see a show that I expected to blow me away. But instead of blowing me away, this travesty of a production had me getting angrier and angrier that Luxor, Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil had used… if not exploited …the name of Criss Angel to sell out this show, when there were NO elements of the Criss Angel that we have come to know and love.

I’m sorry to tell you all that the show…in its current state…will never survive. You have to appeal to a mainstream audience if you’re going to make it in Vegas. Plain and simple. Good luck and I hope you get it fixed. If I get wind that the show has greatly improved, I will give it a second shot..if and only if…my tickets are comped the second time!!!

November 18, 2008 at 9:42 pm
(62) Mike says:

November 10th. Believe….I can’t believe this ridiculous,horrible show is still going. At one part of the show, Chris says he believes, because when he arrived in Las Vegas he only had $300. Well, now he has my $300 and I don’t believe I will get it back.
The use of trap doors that don’t quite close in time, or the use of pre-recorded video and a double to give the appearance that Chris is on stage while he moves into the audience. The use of a double while he is doing a quick change routine that was around during vaudiville. The only trick that was believable that night was the hooker out front of the casino. Chris, go back to what you know how to do, and leave the acting, singing, dancing and performing on stage to those who can.

November 19, 2008 at 8:42 pm
(63) Hi_Hater says:

A preview is a preview. The “real” is something different. Don’t be quick to judge the preview shows, because there have been ALOT of changes since. I work for Cirque and a co-worker of mine told me she thought the show was great!

November 19, 2008 at 10:49 pm
(64) matt krogol says:

you are so funny hi-hater. of course they are going to say that, they want to have a job. this show was atrocious period

November 21, 2008 at 12:15 am
(65) Indigo Eyes says:

I saw one of the Previews on Oct. 12 (a Sunday) after having drank all day in a sportsbook watching football. I have hazy memories of the show as I fell asleep a few times..(more to do with being “out of gas” than the show being boring). While I don’t the show was worth the $68 for the nearly back row seat, it wasn’t a complete waste either. The imagery and screen layerings were very good, and I did get the feel of being in a dreamlike/surreal surrounding; the music wasn’t bad either. I remember liking giant “trippy” white rabbit on stage as well. However nothing Angel did really impressed me. For a SEVERLY discounted price I may consider seeing it again on a future trip, in hopes of the show being an improvement upon the preview. From the looks of the reviews here, I just may be able to find some tix cheap either on Ebay or at one of those half-price stands.

November 22, 2008 at 11:58 am
(66) katie says:

i luv criss angel i haven’t seen it yet but i think people who have seen the show probley love it ok so don’t say bad stuff about him

November 24, 2008 at 3:58 am
(67) Lawrence Thousand Oaks CA says:

Criss, what are you thinking man? I love your stuff on TV. Get reid of the cirque de soleil people. they ruin the show. I was so disspaointed, it ia a horrible show. I sat in the front row and have seen alot of magic shows, they were all great. yours criss, is the worst. I was shocked at how bad it was. You need to make changes fast or your show will DISSAPEAR, BELIEVE the audiences it will. The show never made sense and the ending is horrible. I am stunened as everyone esle is too.

November 25, 2008 at 2:56 pm
(68) Allen says:

This show sucks. And that is putting it nicely.
I realize that Criss has many fans and that are loyal and nothing I say will change the way they feel. But this message is for the rest of us. The rest of us that expect something other than some two bit amature magician perform a sloppy show. Puppets and manicans… really? one of his biggest trick was running behind a screen and changing the color of his outfit.
Let his loyal fans throw their money at him.

December 4, 2008 at 2:01 am
(69) Jessica says:

“Nowhere, and I do mean nowhere did the show description say this was NOT his typical show.”

^I take it you did not visit the Luxor’s Q&A page about BeLIEve, where it clearly says in black and white:

Is this like Mindfreak?

No. The illusions in CRISS ANGEL Believe will be immersed in Cirque du Soleil artistry. The stunning illusions will not be presented as standalone elements, but as interdependent components using heightened imagery, fantastical creatures and impossible feats of legerdemain, all integrated into the dazzling, colorful fabric of the story.


You can read the rest here:


It has been said from the very beginning that Criss Angel BeLIEve was (a) not your typical “magic show,” and (b) not Mindfreak Pt 2. If you want traditional magic, go see Lance Burton.

For the rest of you, I say give the show a chance, for those who are considering buying tickets. I am seeing it on Dec. 6 and am looking forward to it!


December 18, 2008 at 5:52 pm
(70) Sandi Agas says:

We attended the show on 11/29/08 Sat. night. I think we were expecting to much but on the other hand how can we not expect what we paid for. I’M SORRY THE SHOW SUCKED! WE TRULY GOT RIPPED OFF….Sandi

December 29, 2008 at 5:00 pm
(71) Robert says:

Saw the show the day after Christmas. Have read alot of articles and comments since. As with anything in life you can get alot of views from people but their is usually one that gives you the true answer. That answer, in my humble opinion, is comment #42 written by a fellow named Jack. It is dead on and really nothing else needs to be said. Thank you Jack for your educated and succinct review. I could not agree more.

December 30, 2008 at 10:25 am
(72) Sully says:

I took my Mom to Vegas and to see ‘Believe’! She was begging to leave before the show even ended. The best part of the show was the end and when Criss Angel pointed out his girlfriend, Holly Madison in the audience. My Mom was more interested in seeing her than the show. It was a huge disappointment, but the only saving grace was seeing ‘Zumanity’ which she enjoyed seeing the artists perform. As a side note, some people were walking out during the show too.

January 1, 2009 at 1:19 pm
(73) Phranq says:

I came to warn the world, but it appears from the other comments that the world has already been warned. Simply speaking, please don’t make the same mistake we did by attending this show. I’ve never felt so ripped off in my life. Money paid for our two best-in-house tickets could have been used to buy the cheapest tickets for two other shows and we would have been 10,000 times happier.

From a critical standpoint — and you’ve heard it before — this guy has zero ability to relate to the audience. Couple this with his infomercials, “oh my goodness, he disappeared AGAIN”, and mind numbingly horrible efforts at drama…

Sorry, I could go on, but I do hope that you get it. And shame on Cirque du Soleil for having any affiliation with this show.

January 1, 2009 at 7:39 pm
(74) Phranq says:

PS: We saw the show on 12/26/08 — so, after reading the earlier comments, no need for you to believe that it has improved over the past few months.

January 3, 2009 at 8:53 pm
(75) Kerry says:

Wish we had read all this first, worst show I’ve ever seen, don’t waste your money.

January 5, 2009 at 2:17 pm
(76) Jocelyne says:

I saw this show last Saturday. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t an expected Cirque Du Soleil show. It seemed that since the Cirque performers didn’t dance and perform enough of their usual stunts, I was hoping I’d get more magic from Mr. Angel. Unfortunatley, I recognized some of his magic similar to Copperfields. An exciting part though was when I got called to the show. He threw his wristband at the audience and it landed on my feet. I couldn’t think of another word for him to use besides “puppy”.
So overall it lacked. My least favorite Cirque Soleil show… but Criss Angel seemed nice.

January 8, 2009 at 7:42 pm
(77) E.Marchany says:

Chris Angel show believe is a huge waste of money. I just came back feeling that I was robeed $300 to attend a show that does not deserve to be called a show or magic or anything. No one was applauding and people just stand up and leave…don’t wwaste your money is honestly pathethic. I went to the show with high expectations on his performance but he was nothing but a regular elementary school magician with a bunch of crazy bunny’s that did not make sense all.

January 13, 2009 at 9:02 pm
(78) Heather says:

BELIEVE that this show SUCKS!!
And that is being nice.
Do not be a victim.
I bought the tickets they stole $300 dollars of my money.
Have you ever been to a show where NO one clapped at the end for anyone on the stage people walking out mid show. “I wish I walked out”

January 18, 2009 at 7:06 am
(79) Wow! says:

Well, saw the show late December, was that enough time for you Criss groupies? It was so bad, I was embarrassed for the guy.

The magician on my 5th birthday party could do all those tricks. They were basic. They were so basic, yet, he didn’t pull them off well. I saw that tall clown pocket the handkerchief that supposedly becomes a dove. I couldn’t “Believe” it.

I thought I’d let that go even though I couldn’t accept that amateurism. From a “world class” magician?

More, easy, cheap, “no-duh” “tricks” Then his “finale” is sawing himself in half! For Chriss-sakes! Any magician worth his salt can do that. But not Chriss… In the middle of the stunt, the curtains go down with an announcement that they are having “technical problems;” yup, they screwed up that one as well…

Lance Burton is by leaps and bounds a better show than this and that’s not saying Lance Burton is a good show.

January 31, 2009 at 8:56 pm
(80) CAG says:

I wish I had read all the comments before going to the show. It was the WORST show ever. I feel totally ripped off, even after the 25% discount I had by staying at the Luxor. I don’t have enough words to express my dissapointment, please, save your money, use it somewhere else (anywhere), anything would be better. I saw people leaving the show in the middle of it and I think I fell asleep during a part of the show, since it was so BORING!!!!!

February 4, 2009 at 12:50 am
(81) Scott says:

Just saw the show tonight and it JUST DIDN’T WORK. Cirque and Mr. Angel go together like oil and water. Mr. Angel responds by desperately shouting for applause and attention after each lame trick, 1/2 of which include dropping through trap doors in the floor after a big flash of fog and/or fire.

We had to spend most of the time watching rabbits and hedgehogs dance athletically but with no purpose, certainly not entertainment in any sense. Well at least the costumes were cool and the staging was certainly expensive.

NOT RECOMMENDED and the worst show I’ve seen in a long time. If you like Mr. Angel than you should probably stick to the TV show.

February 8, 2009 at 11:10 am
(82) Scout says:

I just saw Believe last week (after the show had been closed for 2 weeks to revamp it)–what a disaster! 11 people walked out 50 minutes into the 90 minute show. I walked out at 70 minutes, after hoping that a redeeming act would appear. Believe is neither Cirque or Criss Angel–it is a trainwreck! The theater was 1/3 to almost 1/2 EMPTY. I was on the 9th row. Cirque box office does not refund your money, but they will give you a free ticket to another show–I went to Mystere the following night. Criss’s vision and dream is visually beautiful, dark and intriguing…but the rest is pathetic. I literally saw Criss remove cables from his back TWICE in the first 20 minutes of the show. Not a single one of his acts are illusions of merit, instead they are cliche stunts. Save your money…keep watching Mindfreak and just know that Criss is suffering through one of the worst shows in Vegas every night–perhaps a magic trick in and of itself.

February 15, 2009 at 6:30 pm
(83) nick says:

Are the tricks you do real or fake? Do you ask people to say it was real or they just say it because they don’t believe it? But you are awsome and there is probably nowone like you

February 17, 2009 at 12:59 pm
(84) elaine says:

My husband and I saw the 7pm show on Valentine’s Day. We absolutely loved it! I checked out this site because a cabbie told him that all she was hearing was that the show sucked. Well I guess if you are expecting a typical magic show, or a typical Cirque show, AND that you are of such a narrow brain that you can’t appreciate Criss’ vision, then yes you will be disappointed.

The show is dark by its nature, but it’s meant to be so. It’s beautiful in its haunting themes. And the illusions are phenomenal. I loved how Criss took the illusions that have been performed on Mindfreak and adapted / incorporated them for this show.

So yes, if you want to see a “normal” flashy magic show, go see Lance Burton, but if you have an open and creative mind (meaning that you are not one of the “sheep”), go see Believe.

It was an incredible experience.

March 4, 2009 at 11:23 am
(85) Laura Zepeda says:

I been in LV Believe show last month (Feb 13th) and it was the most dissapointed show I ever see in my life. The show is a shame, is a fraud,no body at the public was applauding, it was in the audio. The trucks are a kindergarden maggician. Cirque du Soleil is the only thing working in that show. DON’T PAY FOR THIS SHOW …. if it was for free, don’t go. We go in a 18 people group and really JUST LOOSE OUR TIME.

April 19, 2009 at 9:43 pm
(86) Annette says:

I wish I had read all the bad reviews and certainly wouldn’t have waisted my time and money to see Criss Angel this is the worst thing I have ever seen I can’t believe it is still running probably because people are like me I loved Criss Angel on t.v. and thought it would have some of that in it even though I knew it was cirque du Soliel and even that wasn’t great. This was the only show I was seeing while in Vegas because I have seen alot of the other shows prior trips so I was excited to see Criss Angel. The last time I saw David Copperfield and I was wanting more he was great and I thought Criss Angel was better than him obviously not by far….Shame on you Criss Angel for being a fraud and ripping people off. And shame on Cirque du Soleil for ripping people off as well. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND SEE CRISS ANGEL BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2009 at 11:12 pm
(87) W33Z3 says:

It doesn’t matter what kind of show Believe is “supposed” to be– it is utterly awful and unentertaining. I don’t think that if I had told myself that it was not supposed to be a magic show or that the gory dancing rabbits had creative costumes I would have suddenly started to enjoy myself. I go to Las Vegas shows to have a good time, not to have my intelligence and senses insulted. I am a Criss Angel fan. How could this show have been allowed to happen?

April 24, 2009 at 3:13 pm
(88) Peter says:

I was sitting 4th row center for the 7pm show on Saturday 4/11/09 at 180 dollars per ticket. The previous night I saw Jeff beck perform in NYC. We flew to Vegas the next morning. I was visiting the Jeff beck website yesterday and read this:

Jeff Beck wows with his guitar sleight of hand.

The Connecticut Day [theday.com
By Rick Koster Published on 4/13/2009

Long after Jeff Beck and his miraculous band had finished their 85-minute set in the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Saturday, five men still sat, dumbfounded, in their front row seats in the otherwise deserted hall.

Ricky Jay, David Copperfield, Criss Angel and Penn and Teller simply could not digest Beck’s guitar sorcery. Finally, it was Teller who asked, “How the hell does he do that?”

So did I spend all that money to see a look alike, is the above story incorrect or is he so good that he can be in 2 places at the same time?

May 20, 2009 at 7:09 pm
(89) tracy says:

i Believe i got ripped off!!..we saved this show for our last night in Vegas…thinking it would be something special…we love the mindfreak show…..man were we disappointed…from start to finish….i always like to find something positive in every show, but i can’t say one positive except i was positive i wanted my money back!!…the magic was mediocre at best…looked like something from a second tier lounge act….the dancing weak…the costumes ratty….the script, such as it was, juvenile….i’ve seen every cirque show there is in this country and canada…and more shows than i can even remember…but i will never forget that this was the first show that made me angry and wanted my money back

May 28, 2009 at 1:47 pm
(90) Rippped off says:

I was so looking forward to seeing Chriss Angel. We were bragging to everyone that we BOUGHT tickets. “What a JOKE” the show was. If I wanted to see dancing or a play I would have done that. I feel so ripped off of money and I could never watch him again on T.V. It was so disappointing, I don’t give him much more time performing.

May 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm

What was suppose to be a great 40th b’day present turned out to be the biggest joke. My husband bought us tickets and I was just thrilled. My son and I would watch him every chance we got, so I though I would have bragging rights to him that I was going to see him. How could the Luxor and Cirque de Soliel even allow that kind of performance. The Kind of money people paid and for WHAT.
If they would give back money to everyone who ever seen this performance, Chriss would be living on the streets.

June 14, 2009 at 9:05 pm
(92) aengus MacNeil says:

I spent $380 on 2 tickets to take my wife to our first Vegas show..up close and as it turns out I wished I could have been in the back so I could have sneaked out after I woke up…absolutely terrible..I could see the trapdoors working I could see the wires..he has no stage presence(is he about 5ft 4?)..poor from start to finish…I feel totally ripped off

June 15, 2009 at 1:32 pm
(93) aricaiwdjts says:

The worst show I have ever seen…and that includes all the xmas and harvest shows my kids have been in(at least they were trying).
I almost walked out from the pre-show of 4 idiots in Bowler hats trying to give some comic relief…the only people laughing at this are the producers all the way to the bank……

June 17, 2009 at 7:30 pm
(94) John Freeman says:

MsMerlina is right. I bet most of you critics haven’t even seen it and are just being mean and going off of online reviews and other people’s comments. I’m not saying ALL of you didnt see it but a lot of you aren’t even giving examples. I for one HAVE seen it. I went to Las Vegas for a week this summer and since I’m a big fan of Criss Angel, I saw it. I have to admit, I didn’t think I was going to like it very much because of the reviews I saw. But I gave it a chance and opened up. Accept what you saw, give a fair and legit opinion, add the factors, and go home and don’t go to every review website u see to criticize a show you didn’t like for whatever reason. I didn’t even think about what other people said. I just enjoyed it like someone watching a show should. And I made my own opinion. I am not saying I’m correct in giving it a 4.5/5 because that is my opinion. You haters can just dislike it. But I bet when you were watching it, the only thing you were thinking about is “wow this is dumb.” you just gave it extremely high standards and if it didn’t meet those, you said it was awful. I have read through most of the hater comments and a lot of them didn’t even give a reason or example just how they saw people leave and just saying it was bad.
All I want to say is, geez… give it a chance. This show was Criss Angel’s dream and you people are just crushing it. If you even listened at all and heard what he was talking about with his dad and how his dad motivated him to do the show, you should at least quit saying things like “it was so bad!!!” and “Anyone could do those tricks.” Oh yeah? then you levitate. You disappear. You get sawed in half.
How would you feel if someone criticized your dream?
I think you people are just being children and not enjoying something. Is it too hard for you people to quit acting like 5 year olds and giving it some credit and looking at the good part of it?

August 8, 2009 at 1:54 pm
(95) Judy says:

My husband and I went to see Criss Angel in Las Vegas in May 2009. I was extremely excited as I “WAS” a big fan of his show. Well, the t.v. does it all for Criss,his hired audiences and the Luxor Hotel & Casino should be ashamed to put on such a bad show. I was expecting to see some unbelievable things you see on t.v but instead the only magic he did was make some doves appear, WOW. Please dont waste your money on this show, you will be disappointed.

August 9, 2009 at 1:42 pm
(96) thecrisshateclub says:

First of all, this 1 star is actually 1 star too many but unfortunately there is no 0 option.

Please please please do not waste your money on this show. It’s awful, a waste of time and to be quite honest an absolute joke. If I had a choice of having to travel 10 hours on a plane or watch an hour of that utter crap again, I’d chose the plane in a heartbeat!

We want our money back and we’re actually going to proceed with this. Has anybody managed to do this? We complained after the show at the box office, nothing. We complained to the Luxor front desk manager and the look on his face told a thousand other complaints but again, nothing.

I’m more p****** off that we lost 2 hour of our holiday in VEGAS than the money so I think a full refund is the very least they could do.

It annoys me, that egotistical, pretentious self righteous misogynistic moron is conning people out of their hard earned money (which I would have rather lost on red in one hit) and just gets away with it.

If you look at poster ‘Believe’ the LIE section of the word is IN BOLD and the rest of the letters are distressed. He’s taking everyone for a MUG! HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!

and I think, the most horrific of all is him announcing his father is dead then showing us a photo of him as a kid with this dad. That’s sickening and totally inappropriate, using his dad to get everyone to give him sympathy. What a p****.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if like his ‘fans’ at the beginning of the show with that stupid I love Criss banner (which his embarrassingly made himself, ew, see other reviews) If the dead dad show was also a complete lie.

I hope this show ruins him and he’s serving me my bacon and egg mc muffin breakfast in one the casinos next time I go there.

What a utter t***.

Die Criss Die

September 3, 2009 at 12:28 pm
(97) Rick says:

September 2009. Saw the show and didn’t like it from start to finish. I should have joined the others who got up and left during the performance, but clung to the false hope that it would somehow redeem itself. It didn’t. I’ve been coming to Vegas for years and have seen numerous shows and “Believe” falls absolutely flat in comparison. I hate to see Chris and Cirque associated with something as dreadful as this. MESSAGE TO LUXOR: Please stop the show or fix it (if that’s even possible). Otherwise, you’re ripping off customers and damaging your own reputation.

September 13, 2009 at 3:55 pm
(98) Juanita says:

Dont’ waste your money
Worse show I’ve seen in Vegas. Really felt bad that I talked my friends into seeing it. Wanted to give them their money back. How can Cirque Dusoleil put their name on this. Shame on them! How misleading.

October 9, 2009 at 5:11 pm
(99) KhakiOK says:

Going to Las Vegas for my honeymoon included my husband and I each choosing a show to see. He and his sons are big Criss Angel fans from the TV show and he was so excited to see this on our arrival night. It was absolutely the worst show I have ever seen. I have seen much more entertaining stage shows in small town Oklahoma! I was offended that Criss kept shouting, “Where are all my drunk people?” and his references to this being his dream dedicated to his father seemed inappropriate. The best part of the entire show was the ceiling-ring dance by his adorable assistant. I would have preferred to spend the time and money we wasted on this show at the slot machines. Pathetic is too kind a word for what we saw.

October 26, 2009 at 11:57 am
(100) Rippedoff says:

Eight of us purchased tickets to see Chris Angel’s Believe, while visiting Las Vegas last week, assuming that a show bearing Cirque de Soleil’s name would be magical. We left the theatre afterward, aware we had been totally “ripped off ” spending almost $300 dollars a couple to see a show about nothing.
The curtain came down during the sawed in half illusion leaving us sitting in our seats waiting for the magic. Chris returned to the stage a few minutes later to inform us that he had been cut, might even need a stitch but ufortunately this is live theatre, too bad, so sad.
He introduced his mother and his aunt to us while assuring them that he would survive the “injury”, then finished the rest of the nothing show while the audience sat in silence (most of whom at this point were fast asleep.)
It would have been beneficial for us to have read the reviews before purchasing tickets instead of as an afterthought. No refund – to quote Chris, too bad , so sad.

December 21, 2009 at 6:26 pm
(101) Pam says:

Saw the show 12/17/09. Such a disappointment. Most of what is described here by other fans, was not even in our show. Rabbits in maybe 2 minutes, no evil looking dolls as in the ads. The program I bought has many characters that were never in our show. Most was just Angel interacting with the crowd. Looked at the small video on the site- 95% of it we never saw in our production. What a rip off of $352 for 2 tix, first row. He l;ooked so scruffy too, like he just rolled out of bed.

January 16, 2010 at 4:47 pm
(102) Lena says:

Went to see Criss Angel Believe show based on his TV show I saw before and did not have a chance to read reviews. I was excited to see it as I thought his style is different and controversial. However, the show was absolutely HORRIBLE, the worst show I’ve never seen in Vegas. I paid nearly $200 per ticket and feel I was robbed! DO NOT SEE THIS SHOW! Guaranteed, you will be disappointed. This show needs to be eliminated as it’s an embarrassment. I was also surprised that Cirque du Soleil has produced this show.

January 31, 2010 at 3:46 am
(103) irina says:

The show is really bored. I felt cheated and dissapointed. The magic tricks are predictable and cheap. I saw from my seat the wires that he used to “walk” on a “wall”. And no talk about the fake fans that were among the audience. Please don´t waste your time and money. Such a shame that cirque du soleil brand is involved in this awful show.

January 31, 2010 at 3:51 am
(104) irina says:

P.S. I saw it tonight 31-JAN-10. I can´t explain why this show still on billboard for so long time!!

April 24, 2010 at 11:44 am
(105) Jackie says:

This show was nothing that I had expected. A friend was telling me about it when she saw it last year, but in this show it was a bunch of cheesy magic tricks. And Criss Angel trying to be a comedian. He should just stick to magic because he was not very funny. I was a huge fan of his and I am upset because I feel different about him and his magic since I saw the show. Save your money and go to Carrot Top instead it was way better and he gives you shots of crown after if you in the front row!!

April 27, 2010 at 12:06 am
(106) bruce t says:

I am a big fan of all magician and magic shows. I liked Criss Angel’s TV specials. I saw Criss Angel Believe in vegas on 04/20/2010. It cost my wife and I $225.00. SAVE YOUR MONEY. The show was terrible. He kept repeating the same trick of disappearing and reappearing else where. He ruined the Cirque du Soleil name. I dont know why they let him use the Cirque name, there was nothing cirque du soleil about it. But not just that the show was really bad. The $30.00 vegas magic show is 10 times better than Criss Angel and I saw those shows. Go see Copperfield or Lance Burton they are at least worth the money and 100 times better and I saw them both as well. SAVE YOUR MONEY. DONT GO. go see cirque du soleil KA instead that was WOW.

August 5, 2010 at 12:06 am
(107) ahmednr says:

This show is the worst show in Vegas, being from there, Ive seen most of the shows especially from cirque and this is disappointing. I went with a group of 15 for a birthday party, 10 of the 15 were asleep with in the first 30 min. Chriss Angel is horrible, the coolest thing I remember is pulling a rabbit out of a hat… yea not that cool….. I hope he fails miserably for how ##### his show was in Vegas, get out of my city!!!

December 8, 2012 at 2:05 pm
(108) karlad says:

If only i had done my homework and red the reviews prior…..i never imagined his show could suck but honestly it does. I was wanting something darker i guess since that is the image he portrays. I was expecting him to be way better than Copperfield (which is a great show). We left the theater with WTF written all over our faces. I wanted less talking and more magic. Actually i think his assistants did a better job than he did. Where is the mind freak we see on TV who blows our minds? That’s who i came to see and left disappointed. If he plans to stay in Vegas I’m guessing he is going to have to step it up a whole bunch because that show wont cut it for long..not in vegas.

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